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06/22/17: Let's Help Ourselves Out:
Help Sign Have you ever got lost while running a race? If not, you may know of someone who has. Don't get lost. Don't let friends get lost. Read and take note of Oscar Wagner's article Let's Help Ourselves Out" so we all run the right race course.

06/19/17: Runners' Stories:
Evan McBridge photo Everyone has a story and over the years I've heard great stories from some of you. I'm going to venture out and share a story I wrote a number of years ago about my first, and only, marathon: "Running with Evan". Perhaps you would like to write a little piece about yourself or a friend that you think our SFTC family would enjoy. Just send it to me or give me the basic elements and I'll try and put something together. I'm sure someone has a couple of wonderful tales that Harriet told, for she was an interesting person.
Many thanks in advance,
Bob Hardin

Track Meet #3 photo