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02/26/17: Did You Know?:

SFTC At the January Board Meeting, LeGrande Boyer mentioned in the Treasurer's Report that the official name of our Club is "Road Runners Club 156 dba State of Franklin Track Club"; (dba means "doing business as"). That got me to thinking, I wonder if most of our members are aware of the RRCA, the Road Runners Club of America. Well, here's a bit of history.

When you look at our event calendar, it's hard to remember a time when you could not find a race to run on just about any given weekend. Well, in the 1950s there were only a handful of road races across the country, and those few were definitely not for the recreational runner. The RRCA came into existent to change all that. Formed in 1958, their mission was to support community-based running by organizing clubs and events across the country. The response to RRCA was very positive and local clubs began forming. I believe the first RRCA "club" was the New York Road Runners Club (now known as the New York Road Runners). In 1961, just three years after its start, RRCA members hosted more than 600 races. Our Club, SFTC, came into existence, via the RRCA, in 1979. So, we have the RRCA to thank for our prolific race calendar.

As a member of the State of Franklin Track Club you are also a member of the RRCA. You should take time to visit their website at and check out all the benefits and resources available.

Donna Bays

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