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04/19/14: Boston 2014: Most of you will know that the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings was last Tuesday. The 2014 edition of the Boston Marathon is on Monday. Six SFTC members are running this year. Read Jon Reynold's Boston article to remind us all of of our personal connection of the bombings to our sport and our resiliency to bounce back.

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04/16/14: May Board Meeting The next board meeting is Tuesday May 6 at the Eastman Employee Center, Kingsport at 6:30 pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, not just board members. Pizza provided. Here are the minutes of previous meetings.

Grizzled Veteran

03/21/14: Back-to-Black Racing: SFTC President Jon Reynolds not only ran his first ultra at Holiday Lake 50K but then ran Black Mountain Marathon the following weekend (note the word "Mountain" in the race name). Here's his Holiday Lake story.

Work in Sweats Mama Motherhood

03/14/14: Motherhood and Running: Work in Sweats Mama reports she's a far better runner today than she was five years ago, thanks to the miracle of motherhood. She lists the Five Ways Motherhood Makes Her a Better Runner. Guys, time to sit this one out though maybe we could learn something too...

Bylaws Admendment link

02/24/14: Proposed Bylaws Amendment: A proposal has been made to amend the SFTC Bylaws relating to the distribution of the SFTC membership listing to enhance members privacy. Here is the proposal. Concerns or comments should be emailed to your district representative prior to the Board meeting on May 6.

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