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SFTC Summer Track Meets

05/08/16: SFTC Summer Track Meets: Every year, SFTC holds four (4) track meets. The meets are free and open to all ages (1 to 99) and everyone (not just SFTC members). For further details, visit the track meets webpage. The first meet will be June 14 at Dobyns-Bennett High School, Kingsport.

Wake Up Whitten

05/06/16: Whitten weighs in: Do you keep up with professional track/road racing? Based on the attendance at many of the "big" track meets held in the United States it doesn't appear that professional/elite racing is nearly as popular as football, baseball, basketball, or car racing. SFTC President-Elect Neal Whitten explores reasons why he does keep up with professional/elite running and why he thinks a number of other regular running enthusiasts do not in the article The Sport of Running.

SFTC party

02/08/16: Awards Banquet Report: The SFTC Annual Awards Banquet was held on January 9. Richard Tyner was the official photographer for the event and took lots of great photos. He has also written a report of what happened. If you missed the banquet, you can read the Awards Banquet Report to catch up.

SFTC stars

11/15/15: Use your Volunteer Points!: Did you know that volunteer service points can be used as full or partial payment toward SFTC purchases including membership, equipment rental, entry fees for SFTC-owned races, race management and SFTC merchandise? See the website's volunteer points page for further details. Any volunteer points earned in 2014 will expire on December 31, so use them or lose them.

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