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08/15/2021 SFTC Candidates/Nominees Needed

  • The club needs candidates/nominees for offices to serve on the SFTC board of director for the following offices:

  • President-elect for 2022: (The main duties for the President-Elect is a 1-year term. However, it will transition to President in the following Year (2023) then to Past President the year (2024) after. So, it is really a 3-year term. The primary duties of the President-Elect are: (1) learn the business and programs of the club and to help with club administration; (2) attend the monthly board meeting and run the meetings in the absence of the President)

  • Secretary: (The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the club, both board and general membership meetings, in a notebook. The Secretary shall conduct the official correspondence of the club and shall maintain the official files of all such correspondence.) The term is for 2 years until 2024.

  • District 3 Representative: Sullivan County West (Kingsport area) Hawkins County, Wise County, Lee County and Scott County (The term is for 3 years until 2025) The District Directors shall act as a representative for Club members in his/her area.
  • If you would like to run/serve for one of the offices please contact, Bob Townsend the Nomination Director and Volunteer coordinator.

  • I and the club would appreciate you running for one of the offices/positions.

  • Thanks,
  • Bob