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photo of Tom McCormack

08/14/16: McCormack Training Advice: Two TN state age records were set at the Duck Island Summer Mile last week. One was by 86 year old Ruth Ketron. The other was made by 62 year old Tom McCormack. (Congrats to both!) SFTC recently asked McCormack how he continues to excel at local area races and across the country. Read his responses in Tom's Interview.

Nothing in life is free, except for community-based track meets

06/12/16: JC Press Track Meet Article: In case you missed it, here's the link to Tony Casey's May 19 article Nothing in life is free, except for community-based track meets. Many thanks to Tony for supporting and promoting running in the Tri-Cities. We hope to see you on Tuesday evening at Dobyns-Bennett High School!

SFTC Summer Track Meets

05/08/16: SFTC Summer Track Meets: Every year, SFTC holds four (4) track meets. The meets are free and open to all ages (1 to 99) and everyone (not just SFTC members). For further details, visit the track meets webpage. The first meet will be June 14 at Dobyns-Bennett High School, Kingsport.

Wake Up Whitten

05/06/16: Whitten weighs in: Do you keep up with professional track/road racing? Based on the attendance at many of the "big" track meets held in the United States it doesn't appear that professional/elite racing is nearly as popular as football, baseball, basketball, or car racing. SFTC President-Elect Neal Whitten explores reasons why he does keep up with professional/elite running and why he thinks a number of other regular running enthusiasts do not in the article The Sport of Running.

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