2009 Rock Island 5K

Three SFTC members went to run in the first race, Rock Island 5K, of the Tennessee State Park 2009-2010 Running Tour in Rock Island State Park on October 10, 2009:

  • Harriet Locke from Bristol, TN, first in her age group 70 & over with a time of 34:47 and 60 out of 77 runners.
  • Bill Dickerson from Gray, TN, first in his age group 60-69 with a time of 22:57 and 9 out of 77 runners.
  • Bob Townsend from Limestone, TN, 4th in his age group 50-59 with a time of 24:58 and 19 out of 77 runners. Bob got to run a race in another county, Warren, and has races in 59 counties.
Complete Age Group Results (pdf)

Submitted by Bob Townsend