Virginia Creeper Marathon
What Runners Say...

bullet 2018

"Great event. As a first timer on the Virginia Creeper Trail, I was impressed with the scenery and the impressive volunteers! Especially for a $15 event, there was so much more at the aid stations than I was expecting! Everyone was so friendly and helpful! I finished with a bloody knee, and people jumped right up to offer me help! I hope to talk some additional friends to join in the fun next year. Thanks for such a great day!"
   Josh Griswell, Elkin NC

"This was my very first marathon, the end result of two years of training from absolutely rock bottom fitness ... for this 40 year old woman with a lot of baggage, a big dang deal. And I wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. That trail is one of the most beautiful things to run (and walk) on, and it means something rock solid about your community that this race had such incredible volunteer support. I will come back again and try out more of the trail, and maybe even try and improve my time on the race. And please tell the ladies in the cow pasture with the table full of food that I adore them from the bottom of my heart for being there, because even carrying my snacks, I don't think I could have made it without that banana and a half."
   Anne Trotter, Chantilly VA

"Thanks for a great race. I really enjoyed it."
   Carla Lilly, Bristol VA

"Really enjoyed running the VA Creeper course. The river was beautiful and the animals were all out for us to see. It was nice and quiet and our footfalls as we crossed the wooden bridges again and again were melodic. I told my son how much it takes to keep any group or activity vibrant for this many years. Thanks for keeping races like this alive, and thanks again for helping make his first marathon a memorable one."
   Scott Foxx, Charlotte NC

From --

"I was told for many years this was the race to do. It is! It is pretty hilly in spots and the course is a good starter for trail runners. They were nice enough to let me start early. Water and aid stations with some food every 3 miles or so. I highly recommend this race - low cost, a scenic drive from Ontario, and lodging is cheap! They really treat the runners well."
   Sanjay Mohanta, Ottawa, Ontario

bullet 2017

"Awesome race!"
   Eva Owens, Winston-Salem NC

"This was our fifth marathon this year and we had an absolute blast. Fantastic course with awesome volunteers. Very well organized and supported event."
   Daniel Flory, Eastview KY

"VCM remains one of my annual goals and certainly a special highlight. All the aid stations and volunteers were great and the course was in good shape. One of the aspects I appreciate so much is how well the miles are marked, as it is so helpful in being able to count them off."
   Richard Tyner, Blountville TN


"This low key marathon has all the perks for an awesome price. Great volunteers greet you at well stocked aid stations. The event is very well organized and supported. The course is a fun, winding, mostly gravel (well packed) path that has beautiful scenery. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience."
   A.F., Kentucky

"Great small/cheap marathon with great scenery and organization. I hope to do it again."
   J.N., Virginia

"By far, best bang for your buck. No, you don't get a shirt or medal, but what you get is probably the most scenic marathon. Volunteers are very encouraging. Running along the river and over the restored railroad bridges makes for a uniquely scenic race."
   A.S., North Carolina

"The marathon is well organized, and the most beautiful course I have ever run. It is a peaceful and pleasant experience. The volunteers are friendly and supportive. It is also very affordable! I am a big fan!"
   K.H., North Carolina

bullet 2016

"Thanks to your enthusiastic volunteers for making the race fun! I really appreciate it!"
    Mary Fanslow, Kingsport TN

"Thank you for a great experience. The awesome scenery of the course was matched by the awesome volunteers at every station. This was my second marathon. My training always slacks in the winter, so I wasn't properly trained. Even so, I had a great day. I'm sure it's a lot of effort to put on the race, and I want you to know it was greatly appreciated."
    Greg Clarity, Piney Flats TN

"Your volunteers seem to be lovely people. Thanks for the time and effort you all put into the Creeper. It's a beautiful run."
    Kim Poland, East Bend NC

"As always, the VCM was fantastic and did not disappoint (exceptional weather this year, by the way). Many thanks to all the great volunteers!! I tell all my running (and non-running) friends about the race and how great it is."
    Chris Cutler, Pfafftown NC

"We returned home safely with lots of great memories and feelings from the trip and the Virginia Creeper marathon. A big warm thank you to SFTC for a wonderful event I would gladly return to do again. The spirit of the volunteers is an energizing reminder of what running is about. The trail is beautiful and the hospitality was ubiquitous. Thank you!"
    Susan Rozanski, Oak Park IL

"Thanks for another great VCM!"
    Liz Whiston-Dean, Rockingham VA

From --

"Pleasant race experience with a dirt cheap entry fee. Organization was flawless and well-executed. After 18 years, the organization knows what to do, when to do it, and how to make the most people happy. Consistent with website info, my packet and paperweight memento were available at the host motel the evening before. Race day logistics were also easy - plentiful and free parking at the elementary school and a trolley to the start line. Amenities on the course were low key but sufficient, with water, Gatorade and snacks. Lots of porta-johns, so the bathroom-to-racer ratio was very favorable. The course was largely scenic, and 24+ miles of the running surface is packed gravel with a few wooden bridges."
    A.C., North Carolina

"I like (and prefer) smaller races, their lack of complicated logistics, and the price tags that usually reflect the simplicity of race day. The Virginia Creeper Marathon is no exception. For $15, this marathon is quite the bargain. Aid stations are well-run, and the volunteers are wonderful. Aside from the natural beauty and scenery of the course, an impressive point was the bathroom:runner ratio, with never a line for the toilets, even before the race start. Other runners were so encouraging and nice. I've recommended this race to everyone who will listen. This race is worth every penny."
    T.B., Georgia

"A low profile, low key marathon but a great course to create a PR, and you don't have to run on asphalt for 26.2 miles. Arranged very well with fruits and home made cookies. Considering entry fee is so cheap, amenities are great. I wish there were more races like this."
    D.S., Kentucky

"Do you want to run a fast but deceptively challenging marathon with the best volunteers? Then this is the one you want. You will get to enjoy some incredible scenery and usually ideal weather and temperature, but what really makes this the marathon of choice are the world class volunteers. Where else can you run a fast marathon time, experiencing the best support and encouragement at any marathon, for a mere $15? The VA Creeper is the only marathon I know where you can."
    T.B., Tennessee

"Not much interested in crowds and hype, this marathon seemed the perfect place to attempt my first marathon. All I can say is we had a fantastic weekend. The State of Franklin TC volunteers are top notch. Would definitely do again. Best low key event ever!"
    M.H., Virginia

bullet 2015

"I ran Virginia Creeper as my first marathon in 2005, and as my second marathon in 2015. Many thanks to you and your volunteers for such a friendly event. I'll have to try it again in 2025"
    Jennifer Bingham, Jonesborough TN

"My six friends and I loved the race. When does registration open up for next year?"
    Pawel Nazarewicz, Blacksburg VA

"I just want to give a BIG New Hampshire thank you for a wonderful event! I appreciate all the hard work and effort to put on such an organized event! I truly enjoyed all your volunteers, too! They were so very supportive and friendly! I was taken by the absolute beauty of the entire course - the water, bridges, green grass, and even close encounters with the cows made for quite an adventure! I hope your event always remains low key and simple! That how we trail runners are!"
    Susan McQuaide, Mont Vernon NH

"Thank you for organizing a great race"
    Ellen Rabun, Blacksburg VA

"The course was gorgeous and well marked, the aid stations were perfect, and your crew gave it a small-town personal touch that cannot be beat. I have been telling all my friends what a good time I had, and I think I may have recruited 3 or 4 new runners for next year! Virginia is great!"
    Sara Daehn, Bedford IN

"This is a beautiful race. Your course has the best of both worlds – trail and road, perfect air, gorgeous sights, great ground. Your course was a beautiful run in the park. I didn't even get a blister, but made a lot of memories and friends. I will definitely be back!"
    Nick Lacroix, Pineville NC

"Thanks to you and all the volunteers. I enjoyed every minute of my first marathon (and I was out there a long time!). Please let all the volunteers know how much we appreciated the encouragement and the smiles and the cookies. I was familiar with the trail from biking and camping up there so I knew it would be pretty and not technical or hilly, plus I did not want a lot of hype with bands and a medal and all that stuff. I love my paperweight. I have told so many people what a great experience I had that I am sure you will get a lot of people from Greensboro trying to sign up next year.!"
    Charlotte Matheny, Greensboro NC

"I had very high hopes for a PR, but an injury turned this into my slowest marathon yet. But I am so impressed with what a great event you guys host and in such a beautiful place. Thanks again for the hard work you and the other volunteers put into this. It really is special."
    Scott Gryder, Pfafftown NC

From --

What a gorgeous race and incredible organization. Volunteers are completely dedicated (you have to be standing in 18-degree start temperatures without moving). Virginia mountains and air are real treats, as well as the fun and friendly atmosphere. Beautiful valley-crossing bridges! Bring your camera and your smile for this exemplary setup and extraordinary volunteers. Some $100+ races should really look up to this one for organization and team spirit. I will definitely invite folks and come back."
    D.L., North Carolina

I love this marathon. Have run it twice and will be back. Logistically, it is about as easy as it can get. No hassles of the huge big city marathons of getting to the start line. And though it is small, they haven't left out anything you need. The organizers and volunteers are very capable and know what they are doing, plus, they are super friendly and will go out of their way to make the day special for you. Register early."
    S.G., North Carolina

The Virginia Creeper Marathon was my second marathon, and I would not change a thing about it. The course is absolutely beautiful, the runners are some of the friendliest I have ever had the pleasure of running with, and the volunteers and spectators were very friendly and supportive. This is a well-organized race with a welcoming, small-town feel. I highly recommend this race and hope to run it again."
    S.D., Indiana

bullet 2014

"I don't think I can thank you enough for an absolutely wonderful marathon. I hope to be able to run this race again and again in years to come, and I hope you don't change a single thing about it. That paperweight means more to me than any medal I've gotten, because it's a unique reminder of a unique event that I have many happy memories from. Thank you so much for a great, great race experience!"
    Kathleen Thompson, Charlottesville VA

"Thank you for what was an AWESOME marathon experience. What a beautiful course (especially with the dusting of snow) and I loved the miles of solitude followed by water stops of the friendliest encouragers! The cows "moo'd" when we ran by and that was just classic! I'll take that over screaming crowds! Even though the course loops and you run stretches several times it's so scenic you take it in differently each go. I'm already looking forward to training through the winter (crazy as it was) to run this next year...and the next...and the next! Thank you!"
    Laura Fletcher, Midlothian VA

"Our family enjoyed coming to the Virginia Creeper Marathon. The volunteers were awesome! Hope to be able to come back next year."
    Lisa Hackler, Williamsburg KY

"Thanks for putting on such a great race on the Creeper Trail. This was my first marathon, and I can't wait to come back next year."
    William Adair, Newton NC

From --

"A fantastic race, from start to finish. This was unlike any other race I've ever done, not just in terms of the no-frills style and rural course -- it's probably the most friendly and supportive race I'll ever run, and every single person involved, down to the trolley driver who took us to and from the elementary school, made this a special experience. I just LOVED the course, and was amazed at how there was something new and beautiful to look at every time we came through. The snowy backdrop helped a lot, but once it started melting we got those hints of greenery. And the cows! I didn't think I'd enjoy being mooed at nearly as much as I did, but it was so perfect, being alone out there with my thoughts and then all of a sudden hearing a bellowing "MOOO". Loved it. I think the repeated out-and-back course is great because you can use the first time through to gauge your footing, and the next couple of times to gawk at the scenery. It's easily the most beautiful and scenic course I've ever run. The volunteers were also amazing, standing out there throughout the morning when it was clearly not the best conditions for doing so. They took such good care of me when I finished, but were also wonderfully supportive and friendly at the aid stations. And how do you find such awesomely supportive people to RUN this race in the first place? I've never, ever been part of a group that has been so encouraging to fellow runners. I made a few friends out on the trail, too, just staying with people and chatting, which just doesn't happen in larger or urban races."
    K.T., Virginia

"I first ran this race in 2009 after reading the reviews here and vowed I'd go back again. After a less than stellar training season due to injury, illness and the ridiculous New England winter, I knew I wouldn't run as well of a time but knew I'd have a great time. Despite the snow/sleet on race day, this marathon once again did not disappoint. With all the out and backs, you get to see the front runners and those behind you multiple times. There were so many smiles and words of encouragement exchanged, it was easy to smile even in those latter miles. Though the spectators were few, they were always encouraging. VCM volunteers are the best! This is a great race, and I wish I could run it every year!"
    J.F., Massachusetts

"Love it! First time at VCM. It snowed the morning of the marathon but it was beautiful on the trail. Awesome volunteers!"
    L.H., Kentucky

bullet 2013

"VCM was my first marathon, and we had a wonderful experience."
    Amy Weaver, Chuckey TN

"Again, many thanks to your dedicated volunteers. The weather was the most atrocious I've ever raced in, but they stayed out there! Both my son and I were able to finish, and this was his first!"
    Jimmy Dodson, Jefferson City TN

"Another great race, and the volunteers were terrific. I had a wonderful time."
    Jason Settle, Galax VA

"Thanks to the volunteers for being out there in the breezy, cold rain for all us runners. You all deserve a standing ovation."
    Malinda Honkus, Knoxville TN

"I really want to offer my thanks and respect for how this event is ALWAYS run. This past weekend was a classic example! The weather stunk and the event ran like it was sunny and 65 degrees ... amazing!"
    Mark Shrader, Lebanon VA

From --

"I train lone wolf style and have no need for huge crowds and large numbers of participants. I appreciated the low key small town flavor of this race and felt like I was in my element the whole time. I will certainly be back."
    P.S., Virginia

"Inexpensive, well organized and a great course. I've run this race twice and would love to run it one year when the weather is better. Since you pass the start/finish multiple times, it would be a great race to be cheered on by family if weather permitted. The staff and volunteers were gracious and understanding. I think I'll start checking the couch cushions now for next year's entry fee."
    A.S., Kentucky

"The weather on race day was terrible (rain, upper 30s), and I really appreciated the volunteers coming out in the less than ideal conditions. The event was well organized, with plenty of food, water and Gatorade along the way. I love the paperweight with the race logo!"
    A.T., Tennessee


"Thanks for an exceptionally well run and organized race. Best $10 I've spent in a long time!"
    Tim Lamie, Abingdon VA

"What a wonderful race you have. I enjoyed it immensely, and it's one I will do again. The volunteers were wonderful!"
    Jonathan Nobles, Virginia Beach VA

"Another fantastic day on the Creeper Trail! I think the weather was great for runners, but I hope by now your generous volunteers are finally warm! Awesome support - perfectly mixed Gatorade and cookies at just the places of need!"
    Annette Bednosky, Jefferson NC

"Even though I had my slowest marathon time yet, I thoroughly enjoyed the race. The volunteers were wonderful and I met so many nice runners, too. My former college roommate brought some home made goodies, stayed out there the entire time, and says she had a good time. too. I'm ready to sign up for next year!."
    Susan Garfield, Brookeville MD

"Thanks for a great race, despite the weather. Our little group of first-timers really appreciated your team!"
    Liz Whiston-Dean, Pulaski VA

"Thanks so much for organizing this race. It sure is beautiful country out there."
    Lora Fox, Nashville TN

"Thanks to your team for staging an amazing race. I can't think of a better place to run my first marathon. I loved the casual approach, the course, the scenery and the support along the way. Even with the rain it was incredibly memorable. I know I'll live with the memories of all the different places and stages of the race for a long time."
    Rod Poole, Hickory NC

"Such a great race. The coordination, organization and covering all the details is greatly appreciated. A first class event you should be proud of."
    Wes Oates, Charlotte NC

"Your volunteers did a great job on race day under less than ideal conditions. Everyone was very friendly and helpful throughout the day and I really appreciated it. I hope to run the Creeper again when it's not quite so wet!"
    Tim Daniels, Christiansburg VA

"What a fantastic race and wonderful experience. The course is beautiful (I'm sure even more so when not raining), the trail is a pleasure to run on, and everyone who volunteered was friendly and helpful. I will definitely run VCM again."
    Rich Levine, Knightdale NC

"What a great marathon! Thanks so much. Different runners whom I do not know called my name as they passed - made me feel good!"
    Jack McClain, Granville OH

"I had a great time and hope to run it again next year. Your volunteers did an outstanding job making the marathon a fun and friendly event."
    Jason Settle, Blowing Rock NC

"Last year's race was my first marathon, and it was a harsh and humbling start to marathoning. However, it was one of my most cherished experiences. The people and organization behind the event was perfect for this trail race. My tank was on empty and I felt ready to drop, but the crew revived me. I came back this year to serve vengeance on the course. As usual, the course was perfect. The trail was pristine and beautiful (even in the rain and mud), and it kept a certain ambience where there was no sound except for the river. I ended up running the race I wanted to. Thank you for holding such a wonderful race that isn't commercialized and brings the spirit of trail running to the region."
    Keran Billaud, Dublin VA

From --

"I was sick the day of the marathon but this still ranks as one of my favorites. Everything I think marathoning should be: low entry fee, no t-shirt, nice paperweight in lieu of a medal, fantastic support, beautiful course, non commercialized, and scenery that is unsurpassed. This ranks as one of the best marathons out there."
    M.B., Missouri

"LOVED this race. Beautiful (and relatively flat) trail course, great organization, friendly staff. Rain and mud were the only slight drawbacks, completely out of everyone's control. Set a PR a week after a disappointing performance at Shamrock. This is now an annual event for me!"
    J.N., Virginia


"Thank you for an amazing event! The course was beautiful, your volunteers were amazingly encouraging, and I cannot wait to come back and do it again."
    Tracy Brooks, Tazewell TN

"What a wonderful race you have. I enjoyed it immensely, and it's one I will do again. The volunteers were wonderful!"
    Stephanie Johnson, Knoxville TN

"Thank you again for putting on a fantastic event. My family greatly enjoyed it, and I'm sure we will be back."
    John McClain, Cambridge MA

"Another wonderful marathon experience. Your volunteers are great, and the course is simply beautiful."
    Don Silleman, Matthews NC

"What a great marathon. All the people were so nice and encouraging. I loved the course and thanked God I was blessed enough to run 26.2 miles and see such beautiful scenery. I hope to come back every year!"
    Vanessa Gibson, Jefferson City TN

"I had a great time at this marathon, and plan to do it next year. It was a great experience, especially for my first. The trail and scenery is just so pretty. Such a great race!"
    Kathryn Mustard, Roanoke VA

From --

"The course was amazing, the volunteers were so supportive and the race was spectacularly put on! If you have somewhat bad knees, this is a fantastic race, as the surface is very supportive."
    J.M., Massachusetts

"I did this race last year, and enjoyed it so much I had to come back. The beauty of some of the overlooks from the Trail with a rain-swollen river below make this worth the trip alone. Great volunteers help along the way. This is a low-pressure, relaxed marathon that is great for first timers. This was my 20th marathon, and it ranks right up there."
    D.S., North Carolina

"The trail was beautiful, the volunteers very encouraging, and I can think of no negative comments about it! Not a big frills race, and maybe not a PR course due to the surface you are running on, but if you simply love to run in beautiful surroundings this is one for you!"
    T.B., Tennessee

"I am so glad to have run my first marathon on the Virginia Creeper Trail. The course is beautiful and the surface is easy on the knees. As someone "far from the front," I still found all the water stops open, stocked, and staffed by encouraging volunteers. If you are looking for a small, well-run, beautiful race, I would highly recommend this one."
    E.E., Tennessee

"A totally enjoyable race! The scenery was beautiful, the course was relatively flat, and the volunteers were top-notch. A wonderful way to run a marathon with minimal stress."
    S.S., North Carolina

"Race is well-organized. Course is an old railroad trail - drains well, good footing. Scenery is woods, minor rivers, old railroad trestle bridges - picturesque. Really, really nice people to cheer you on, tho not a lot of them."
    P.W., Virginia

"This was my first marathon and well worth every minute of the ten hour drive to get there! This race's small size was one of the main reasons I chose it, and I didn't miss having spectators because I'm not used to spectators! Homemade snacks were certainly plentiful. Though I have no previous marathon experience for comparison, I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a friendly little spring marathon!"
    J.H., New York


"An extremely well organized and fun race! I really enjoyed it!"
    Tim Lamie, Abingdon VA

"I've done 18 marathons and this one is really well done. The course is the most beautiful I have run on, and the surface was perfect to avoid a pounding. The volunteers need a big pat on the back - they were full of encouragement and smiles at each stop. I'll cherish my paperweight and hope to get another next year."
    Don Silleman, Matthews NC

"What a nice and well organized event! The course and all the volunteers made for a wonderful experience."
    Susan Nelson, Knoxville TN

"This race is one of the highlights of my year. And what a reasonable fee - best $10.00 I spend annually. Your wonderful volunteers do an excellent job and make for a wonderful day. By the must be doing all the right things to hold off the rain 'til the end."
    Dan Brown, Hendersonville NC

"Well organized, fun, beautiful trail, beautiful country. Terrific volunteers who steadfastly cheered the back of the pack. And great post-race food! I love my paperweight. I'm sending my 2011 entry now."
    Sarah Jane Harmon, Southern Pines NC

"I could not have been more honored to be a part of this race as my first marathon. Runners were cheering each other on, something unheard of in most races, and the closer to the end the smiles got bigger. I can see why it's very popular."
    Claude Grindstaff, Elizabethton TN

"If a marathon can be enjoyable, yours is."
    Mikel Todd, Bridgewater VA

"Thank you for putting on such a TERRIFIC race!"
    Malinda Honkus, Knoxville TN

"I want you to know how much I appreciated the opportunity to participate in what was a most memorable marathon. Best of all how the weather even cooperated. We returned home with fond memories."
    Jack McClain, Granville OH

"I could not have asked for a better first marathon experience. A day filled with hope, excitement, perseverance and just having fun - just what I needed to check off my 'bucket list.' Thanks to the volunteers who made this a day I will not ever forget."
    Karen Mullins, Wise VA

"A great race, and I had a great time. Being as I could walk the next day, my friends who had run marathons told me I could have run faster, so maybe I'll see you again next year!"
    Emily Bowman, Bigfork MT

"Thank you for such a fabulous run. Though we suffered a bit, we truly enjoyed our time at your marathon. We've recommended your race to all our buddies, and hope to return."
    Anne Schneiter, Louisville KY

From --

"This marathon delivered. The scenery was beautiful and my usual knee ailments were almost non-existent with the softer running surface. There were plenty of aid stations and the volunteers were very supportive. This is by far my favorite marathon."
    F.R., Bluff City TN

"From the beautiful trail scenery to the great support staff, this is a top-notch marathon. While different from the big marathons in many respects, this one ranks right up there for quality!"
    D.S., Charlotte NC

"The course was great, the volunteers were great, and the paperweight was a unique reward. I loved it and will be back."
    S.N., Tennessee

"The name should be changed to the 'Virginia Keeper Marathon.' The course: trestles; deep ravines with tall trees, rhododendron and fast running creeks; pasture land complete with cattle, and a wide meandering river. The organization: they have this one simply perfected. The spectators: who needs thousands of them when those on hand bring homemade cookies, brownies and sandwiches, as well as ever present smiles and the occasional pat on the back. The goodwill and generosity is there for everyone."
    K.T., Shenandoah Valley of Virginia


"Thanks for putting on such a good event."
    David Lawson, Daniels WV

"A big thank you from the Massachusetts contingent. We LOVED your race! While I was initially disappointed with just missing a BQ time, I had such a wonderful time on the course, I quickly let any negative thoughts leave me. It was still a five minute PR, so I'm thrilled! Thanks for putting on such a fantastic race. I cherish my paper weight!"
    Jen Fields, Westborough MA

"Thank you again for a wonderful run. The volunteers were great too! Thanks for allowing us to start early."
    Kathy Spasoff, Munster IN

"I have done a bunch of races, and this one is so unique it's at the top of my list. I know what a huge amount of work it takes, so I am grateful for all your crew does to make it happen."
    John Gillis, Charlotte NC

"My compliments on another awesome event! I ran the Creeper as my first marathon in 2005. It was a great experience then, and it was a great experience four years and five other marathons later. It's the most laidback and fun marathon I have run. I'll be back!"
    Greg Bethard, Wytheville VA

"Thank you again for a wonderful event. Your volunteers, regardless of the weather and/or the time, are terrific, very supportive and encouraging. They always have a smile and add a personal touch, which is very much appreciated."
    Gail & Ray McCaslin, Hendersonville NC

"I have run marathons from Big Sur to Kiawah Island, but I enjoyed this one more than the other 14 I have finished. The scenery was among the most breathtaking I have seen at a marathon. Who needs a crowd of thousands when you have such a variety of beauty - from the rivers, the trestles, the gorges, and the hills and valleys - every mile was a new 'movie' that I won't soon forget. The rest/food/drink stops were placed at just the right intervals. No lines at the porta-johns! Enough said! And the price - holy cow! How do you do it? Finally, you have a rare commodity lacking in many marathons - a group of volunteers who are not only amazingly talented, but are friendly and caring to everyone who comes into their area. They are truly top shelf! Thanks for a great day. I can only speculate how it must look there when you have sunny and calm weather. I might be tempted to run a little longer - not really!"
    Randy Down, Knoxville TN

"Thank you for hosting a great event. I will continue to speak highly of this race to all my friends. Don't change a thing!"
    Garry Russ, Winston-Salem NC

"Thanks most of all for the extreme kindness I encountered from your volunteers. I missed getting water at one of the stops, and just motored on, figuring I would just do without. Next thing I know a volunteer is running after me with a cup of water. THAT would never happen at Disney!"
    Toni Medvetz, Loxahatchee FL

"The race and its volunteers were wonderful. I hope to run it next year."
    Jeri Justice, Springfield VA

"The VCM is definitely a highlight of the year. Everyone involved with this event is so very welcoming and encouraging. Looking forward to returning!"
    Fran Frazier, McLean VA

"The race was a ton of fun and the volunteers were fantastic. I am sure I will be back."
    Amy Lane, Westfield MA

"Thanks for the efforts of the entire support staff. It was a hard run, but I was happy with my time. Well done."
    Stephen Benson, Todd NC

"A wonderful event. We really do think you should consider a "spring Creeper" and a "fall Creeper"! We will be back, one way or another."
    Jonathan & Kathleen Wendel, Ames IA

"VCM was a PR race for me. Thank you for such an enjoyable event. Other than the wind, I really don't think it could have been better. Everyone was friendly and helpful at the pit stops, and nature was beautiful in between. I also really liked the late check-out at the host motel. The race really is as good as advertised!"
    Niels Christensen, Blacksburg VA

From --

"I'm so glad I picked the Creeper for my first marathon. The trail was in great shape, despite days of rain prior to race day. Super nice volunteers, well marked course, and some of the prettiest countryside you will see. I highly recommend this race!"
    Kay Ziemer, Mt. Holly NC

"I decided to run this race based on its great reviews, and I was not disappointed. I had my best marathon experience here, and other races will certainly pale in comparison. The volunteers were wonderful, the post-race snacks were great! I am sad this beautiful trail is a 15-hour drive from my home. What a gem!"
    Jennifer Fields, Westborough MA

"Great alternative to the 'big city' version of marathons. Beautiful scenery and a forgiving course (only gentle grades on this rail-to-trail). Well organized and everyone is very friendly. Yes, it is a low-frills event, but I didn't miss anything. All I wanted was a PR, which I got by over 10 minutes. Register early - this one fills fast."
    N.C., Blacksburg VA

"The race has a down home, relaxed feel - if that's possible for a marathon. The race organization gets 5 stars PLUS. The paperweight is nice, as is the results postcard you get in the mail after the race."
    G.M., Abingdon VA


"Many thanks for all your work on this event. In spite of the weather, it was a great experience."
    Terry & Mel Scholl, Biltmore Lake NC

"It was a raw day, but the support was great. Thanks!"
    Roddy Cobb, Mooresvile NC

"I really enjoyed the marathon, even with the weather. What a great show!"
    Jim Price, Morristown TN

"I had a great time, you guys did a great job, and it just inspires me to keep going!"
    Stephen Benson, Todd NC

"This was everything I was hoping for. I qualified for Boston, which was my goal. Now I'm hoping my husband or friends will run it so we can return. And thanks for posting results so soon."
    Mary Lund, Berwyn PA

"Thanks for putting on a great event. As you know, this was my first marathon. I was running in honor of my father, who passed away in 1996. He had a heart attack in 1972, at age 32. Later he had a stroke and had to learn to walk again, but he didn't give up. He started walking, then running, and eventually completed several marathons. I felt him running with me on the Creeper Trail. This place will always be special to me."
    Monty Shores, Salisbury NC

"Thanks for such good support! And the cow pastures are so great! A great race, despite the rain."
    Mary Dorsey, Durham NC

"Thanks so much for a great run! Please tell all the volunteers thank you - they were awesome!"
    Kathy Spasoff, Munster IN

"Thanks for a wonderfully supported and organized marathon! It was good weather for running, but for the volunteers it had to be miserable, and I, and all the runners, were very appreciative of their support. It was my first Creeper but I look forward to coming back. I even made my Boston time for 2009 with 7 minutes to spare. The AG award was icing on the cake!"
    Clay Sanders, Horse Shoe NC

"Thanks for another great race. The course was in good condition, the weather was entertaining as always, and your volunteers were great as usual. As a fellow RD, I appreciate all the blood, sweat and passion it takes to put on this race."
    Greg Walker, Hendersonville NC

"This was my third Creeper. The trail was in excellent condition and, as usual, the race was very well planned and organized."
    Jerry McKee, Morganton NC

"The 2008 VCM was such fun, and the wonderful volunteers took great care of everyone on a chilly, rainy, windy day! Looking forward to next year ... and we're already planning to bring you cookies!"
    Fran Frazier, McLean VA

"I know the weather made it tough on your crew. Hats off to them. The Virginia Creeper Marathon was the best managed race I have run (but I've only been racing 47 years)."
    R. B. Anderson, Jr., Bland VA

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the entire experience of my first marathon - despite the weather. I love the low-key aspect of the race, while still having all our 'needs' covered. I'm just glad I didn't have to carry that bandana! All your volunteers were TROOPERS to be out in that kind of weather for such a LONG time. I would highly recommend this race to anyone and will look forward to doing it again."
    Kim Wilson, Charlotte NC

"The Virginia Creeper is without a doubt the most beautiful course I've run. Thanks to all the great volunteers for standing out in the rain and for your encouragement along the course. I really enjoyed everything about this marathon. Thanks for a wonderful experience."
    Danny Staggs, Livingston TN

"Thanks so much to all your volunteers who did a great job and were so encouraging. As an early starter, the run in the dark was a pleasure ... that time in solitude was really nice. The Virginia Creeper will always be one of my favorite races in the country."
    Cliff Cartwright, Booneville MS

"What a fabulous race! Thanks to all the volunteers who remained cheerful, as promised, throughout the day, in spite of the raw weather! This was a great experience!"
    Micki Tanbouz, Hampstead NC

"Thanks so much for another wonderful Creeper experience. It was again a very special day. This course is so beautiful, and I love the surface. Every volunteer was cheerful and encouraging, which was very much appreciated."
    Carol Hawkens, Falls Church VA

"A beautiful course and terrific volunteers. Thank you again."
    Ray McCaslin, Hendersonville NC

"I just want you to know how much I enjoyed my First Marathon. The weather was very good - I like to run in a misty rain, and thought it was the perfect running temp. The course was super - I liked running on the dirt, and I think it was the most beautiful run I've ever done. The volunteers were wonderful, always smiling. I am so looking forward to running next year."
    Linda Cox, Travelers Rest SC

"My first marathon - what a tremendous experience! Fantastic and beautiful trail, very organized event, and I love the paperweight. Thanks for a GREAT race!"
    Janet Roberts, Hendersonville NC

From --

"A great race in a beautiful setting. Well organized without taking itself too seriously. Very little crowd, but they're raucous and supportive. The trail of crushed cinders is especially kind on the knees of us heavier runners. The best low-key marathon you'll ever run."
    G.K., Tennessee

"Being my first marathon, I don't have a comparison, but I can't imagine an event being any better. A great experience to be able to do this with my brother and my husband, and something I will never forget. Thanks to all the volunteers!"
    K.W., North Carolina

"An enjoyable marathon with minimal road under your feet. The trees, creeks, cows and birds made for good friends. Low key, low price, big thanks."
    S.F., USA

"This is a race I highly recommend. Because of the small number of participants there were times I was all alone and could take in the beauty of the course. The volunteers were great, and didn't let the wet weather dampen their spirits. Aid stations were well stocked. The entire course seemed pretty flat to me and I liked the soft running surface. I also liked passing by family members several times. I plan on returning to this one."
    D.S., Tennessee

"This event's 'low key' nature really helped keep the 'nerves' under control for this first timer. The course surface is very forgiving on the legs. The slope of the trail is very subtle and hardly noticeable. The out and back nature of the course made finishing the miles much easier. I focused on one course leg at a time and that really helped me from getting overwhelmed by the length of the race as a whole. And passing through the start/finish area four times makes it much easier for your family to enjoy the race with you. Above everything else, the beauty of the course is truly amazing. The landscape made the race more of an adventure than just a race. The trestles, the river, the trees, the trail itself, all make you want to keep going to see what is around the next bend. And the race staff was beyond belief. I'm afraid I may have been spoiled by this race."
    J.P., Tennessee

"If you love to run on well-groomed trails, don't mind running by yourself, and can mentally withstand passing the finish area four times before actually finishing, then this is the race for you. The low-key approach is matched with efficiency, friendliness, and incomparable organization. Keep this in mind if you are a first-timer or are looking to qualify for Boston."
    M.F., Pennsylvania

"The course is so scenic that you'll finish and want to run another loop. After a lot of pre-race rain and light drizzle during, the course was in great shape. The volunteers were the champions-of-the-day, braving the wet, cold conditions. Their support helped warm the 'sole' on a beautiful, chilly morning."
    P.B., North Carolina


"Despite the snafu of not finishing due to major hip issues, the race was gorgeous and the spirit of all the volunteers and assistants was terrific. I meant it when I said I want to come back next year for another shot at my 'first time' marathon."
    Michael Babbitt, Hillsborough NC

"This was my first marathon and was quite an experience. A super job by all the volunteers, who really made the difference. I will remember them and this day the rest of my life."
    Chris Glover, Kingsport TN

"I was the guy who showed up late. Thanks for letting me start anyway, and thanks for the fun course. I had a great race, and when I 'adjusted my time,' still ended up running my 2nd fastest marathon ever. I look forward to next year, and will be on time!"
    Kevin Townsend, Lebanon VA

"Thank you for letting me fulfill my dream of my first marathon. The whole experience could be summed up as 'outstanding' for me and my family. I am proud of your volunteers’ efforts. I will take lasting memories from my experience and hope to repeat better next year."
    Bhargav Perepa, Leesburg VA

"WOW! What a great event. No frills, as advertised, but why would you need them? With a beautiful, scenic, challenging course, spirited volunteers, a really cool paperweight, a $10 entry fee and the threat of the red bandana, what more do you need? Your event REALLY brings home what some are missing by only running the 'Biggies.' I didn't have my best time, but I had a GREAT time. Thanks for the temperate weather, the gentle grade changes, and for softening up the trail to save these old legs. Thanks to a great group of volunteers who were friendly enough to 'take in' my daughter as one of their own, which paid dividends each time I heard cheers of 'way to go, Stephanie's dad!' I guess what I really want to say is, thanks for a great day and a memory of a lifetime!"
    Steve Brandstetter, Wyoming OH

"Thanks for a very fun and professional event! Excellent support, weather (yes the rain was fun!) and well placed fig bars. The course was beautiful, especially near one turnaround, with so many bright yellow flowers in the cow pastures contrasting with the grey rainy sky. Awesome!"
    Annette Bednosky, Jefferson NC

"Thanks for such great support! Everyone was great and we had a good time. It was my first marathon, and tho not as good a time as my training runs, was a good experience. Can't say enough about the friendliness of the folks! We'll come back."
    Mary Dorsey, Durham NC

"I am delighted to have missed a larger marathon a few weeks earlier and to have lucked into your very special event. I absolutely loved the Virginia Creeper, even with the rain. It's a class act, and I can't thank you enough. I even made a Boston qualifying time Hope to make the Creeper again."
    Lance Gutierrez, Radford VA

"Thanks for a great day and a great marathon. It was great to be back again this year among friends old and new. The volunteers were great on the course and at the finish. They add so very much to our enjoyment in running the marathon - in fact I suppose it would be impossible to run without them."
    Cliff Cartwright, Booneville MS

"The race was well organized and we had a great time. Please let me know when we can sign up for '08! The Virginia Creeper Marathon is on our 'list' as one of the best!"
   Nancy Jo Morrison, Stephens City VA

"I had such a positive first marathon experience at the Creeper. The volunteers at all the stations were so encouraging and helpful, and the scenery every step of the way was incredible. I'm already making plans to return!"
    Carol Hawkens, Falls Church VA

"A wonderful experience. Volunteers, course, and even the weather were all great. I am recommending your race to all my friends. My paperweight sits proudly on papers on my desk."
    Eric Schneider, Los Angeles CA

From --

"This was a great place to run my first marathon. I was an early starter, and they went out of their way to make sure I got started correctly and didn't miss any turns. Overall the course is beautiful. I even saw deer running on the course ahead of me! Even in the rain, supporters were out there cheering me on. Other runners were very supportive also."
    Mike Thomas, Hendersonville NC

"The spectators stuck around through the rain and were wonderful cheerleaders. The crew was amazing, a group with awesome southern hospitality! The course was interesting, and the area was beautiful. All in all, a great way to spend a weekend!"
   M.C., Pittsburgh PA

"I loved the Creeper, and didn't mind the out-and-backs on the forgiving dirt trail. I qualified for Boston, but might have to pass on that one to enjoy the Creeper again. This marathon is a model for what can and should be done more. No big-business sponsor in the race name, and a $10 entry fee! Great, friendly, fun."
    L.G., Radford VA

"Not sure what drove me to sign up for this marathon. Was it the name, the cost, the honest website, or the lure of a small, friendly marathon? The answer is probably a combination of all these factors. No matter the reasons, I will never second guess my decision to do so. I had the time of my life! The marathon was everything advertised and more. The course beautiful, the race staff enthused and energetic, the volunteers cheery and hospitable, and the other runners as 'real,' friendly and supportive as you'll find. If you are looking for big crowds, medals, t-shirts, post-race parties, loud music and entertainment, skip this one. If you are looking to have one of the most memorable experiences you'll ever have running a marathon, sign up now!"
    S.B., Wyoming OH


"This race is first rate all the way, from packet pickup at room check-in to the shuttle to/from the start/finish. The course is absolutely beautiful. The volunteers and crowd were awesome. I still can't believe it was only $10. It's blown away some larger races I've run away that were 3, 4 and 5 times that cost."
     Myron Kemp, Mechanicsville VA

"Thanks for putting on a great race. We really enjoyed it, but next time let's try and make it a bit cooler, okay? This was without a doubt the friendliest marathon we've ever run."
    Kevin and Kate Owen, Crozet VA

"Thanks for putting on such an awesome event! It was great to be able to come back to my hometown to complete my first marathon. It was a special moment I'll never forget, and it wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of all the volunteers. I truly don't think I could have kept going without their encouragement throughout."
    Angela Sullins, Herndon VA

"Thanks to all the race workers, volunteers, families, friends, fellow runners and walkers, for a very special event! As someone who has run many races in many parts of the world, I can honestly say that, tho I may have run better times, I can't remember having a better time! From start to finish your race was a complete joy. I was the runner who started dead last, over 5 minutes after the official start. I was using your race as my qualifier for Boston so imagine my dismay when I realized I probably wasn't going to achieve that goal. Little did I realize the adventure awaiting me. I’m not sure when it happened but somewhere along your route, I re-discovered everything I've ever learned and probably forgotten about my love of running and the beauty of being one with nature and my fellow man/woman. Fortunately, the running gods were looking favorably upon me. When it started to get too hot, a cloud blocked the sun and a slight drizzle cooled me off. When I was feeling despondent another runner came to my aid! In a happy ending, yes, my 3:29:36 was a Boston qualifier. However, when I proudly line up at the start of the Boston Marathon, if any runner asks me what race I used as a qualifier, I'm going to look them straight in the eye and say unashamedly that I'm only running Boston to make sure I'm fit for next year's Virginia Creeper!!"
    John Churns, El Segundo CA

"Thank you and all the wonderful volunteers for another fantastic Virginia Creeper Marathon! As always, it was great fun, and everyone was so friendly and encouraging. See you next year!"
    Fran Frazier, McLean VA

"My husband and I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the weekend. We had a wonderful time, and want to thank you for organizing such a fun event. The course, the aid stations, the volunteers and the scenery were all fantastic."
    Carrie Drummond, Fairfax VA

From --

"This course is the perfect off-road running surface. The scenery changes from close-in woods to open fields and wooden bridges that cross the river. This year's race had unusually high temps, but this is as good as it gets for a pure running experience. Once you've done one (I have 3 under my belt), it is almost certain to become your favorite. These folks deserve accolades aplenty for this race. It's a keeper."
    Bob Ring, Harrisonburg VA

"Small in numbers, but large for the effort to make this race a success. Thanks, volunteers and spectators! Appreciated the late checkout at the Days Inn, too."
    Steve Scott, Jonesville VA

"The course is a bit harder than I expected, but the warm weather probably contributed to that. First time I've ever run a race through a field that actually has cows in it! Water stops were well-manned. This is a mellow race, where many runners actually stop at the water stops to pick up drinks, food, etc., and visit a little with the workers."
    Craig Smith, Cantrall IL

"The Creeper is an excellent race. Others have commented on the beauty of the course - an observation with which I fully agree. What is equally impressive is the race organization. The Creeper volunteers are wonderful. The aid stations were well placed and well stocked with water, Gatorade and cookies. The miles and turn-arounds were clearly marked. And pictures and results were posted within 24 hours. All this for $10! When can I sign up for next year?!"
    Eric McGlinchey, Fairfax VA

"A really pretty course on a very gently sloping trail. All the non-race folks on the trail that day were interested in the race and very supportive of the runners. This course does require you to be mentally tough. As a slow runner, I spent a lot of time in miles 11-17 virtually alone in the beautiful scenery, and I enjoyed the peaceful bucolic setting. Then it was back to two-way traffic and lots of encouragement. The race is perfectly organized. My packet awaited me at check-in at the host motel the night before the race. And late checkout was a boon! Aid stations were well placed and the volunteers were great. I especially enjoyed the folks at the "Oasis" who provided all sorts of goodies and a smile just before meeting the cows. For those pushing the envelope trying for a PB, parts of this course may be a challenge, but to this first-timer and slow runner, it seemed almost totally flat. I would highly recommend this to others if you are not looking for crowds."
    Patrick Donnelly, Winston-Salem NC


"Thanks for an awesome first-time marathon experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the event, and found the people and race organization to be fantastic. You and your team of volunteers did an excellent job! I plan on running the Creeper Marathon again next year!"
      Greg Bethard, Wytheville VA

"Besides Pikes Peak, this is the most beautiful marathon I've run. From the trolley shuttle to the start to the delicious baked goods at the end, it's a day I'll never forget."
      Evelyn Wardzinski, Morganton NC

"We just want you to know how much we appreciate the hard work put into the Virginia Creeper Marathon and your great volunteers. We appreciate your enthusiasm and the care you all put into this event. GOOD JOB!"
      Ray and Gail McCaslin, Hendersonville NC

"The marathon was great fun - all the wonderful volunteers put on a fantastic event! Your influence on Mother Nature was particularly impressive ... it was the perfect day to enjoy the Virginia Creeper Trail."
      Fran Frazier, McLean VA

"Thanks for such a great race. Everyone connected with the race was so kind. The aid stations were like an oasis that I looked forward to each time by. I can't wait till next year."
      Melanie Mikusa, Morganton NC

"Great fun! Thanks for all the hard work and thanks to all the volunteers. I am sending a link of your website to some of the trail runners up here to let them know what a great event this is."
      Sean O'Connor, Fairfield CT

"Thanks for a beautifully run race, great scenery, fantastic volunteers, and the homemade goodies were to die for. What a wonderful experience even if I did finish 89th out of 100. When you're slow there is no pressure and the experience can be enjoyed so much."
      Melissa McCulloch, Arden NC

"Thanks so much for a challenging and beautiful marathon, and for being so welcoming and encouraging to everyone who ran it and volunteered to help. My mom and mom-in-law had a really good time handing out drinks and thought it all was terrific. What a day! It sounds like maybe that finally made up for the snowy experience folks had in 2003. Or maybe not. And I was running this marathon for a good friend who has been battling cancer and who had major surgery the Friday prior to the race. What a special experience it was to run in the midst of such a positive atmosphere and beautiful place to honor someone who has gone through so much. Thanks again."
      Christina Jacob, Asheville NC

"A great, intimate race. If you like marathons small and cozy, the Creeper should be on your list of hafta do's. SW Virginia is a beautiful place to visit. I got to see downtown Abingdon, the country and the forest, lots of cows, horses, goats, farms, rivers, streams, beaver dams, moss-covered trees, wooden trestles and mountains. I doubt my throw-away camera will do any of it justice. A wonderful time."
   Shannon Police, Bronx NY

"It was a beautiful day to go running in the woods. It just seems I keep falling in mud puddles! Thanks so much to all for your hard work."
   Cliff Cartwright, Booneville MS

From --

"If you are playing the 'run a marathon in all 50 states' game (as were most of the folks I talked to after the race), this has to be your Virginia race. The scenery was absolutely spectacular, the most beautiful of any race I have run. An organized, fun race – all for a $10 entry fee! This is a must do.
     M. A. Komanecky, Cincinnati OH

"1) Director terrific, helpful, fun. Cohorts equally helpful and pleasant. Zero complaints, zero suggestions. 2) Runners, not that many spectators, but everyone happy. Much of run is in the quiet woods. 3) Trail itself well manicured and even. Course rarely flat, but no hill was severe. A good challenge and clearly different from running the seashore marathons. 4) Scenery was gentle, quiet woods, a modest canyon with a stream and a river below, well kept area. All in all a pleasant run. Town of Abingdon represents pleasant Americana."
    Donald Kienz, Pennsylvania

"I ran the Creeper as a birthday present to myself and as a long training run in preparation for Boston. The beauty of the trail and the wonder of traversing rivers and valleys on the restored railroad trestles make the run unique and enjoyable. Enthusiastic race director, energetic race supporters and freshly baked treats at the finish make this an event to remember. As if the race needed more to garner my recommendation, I received a "happy birthday" at the finish line – that certainly 'iced the cake'."
    J. P., Glen Carbon IL


"Thank you and all of the volunteers for a wonderful, low key race event. I had a great time and hope to come back next year."
   Maureen Kavanagh, Asheville NC

"Everyone is real nice and the course is pretty."
   Rosemary Evans, Flemingsburg KY

"A great marathon. It was well organized and all the workers were friendly and helpful. The course is beautiful. My family found the trail to be a great place for spectators to enjoy while I ran."
   Gary Fulton, Raleigh NC

"VCM was such fun - terrific event, wonderful volunteers, perfect weather, incredible setting."
   Fran Frazier, McLean VA

"Thank all involved for all the fun I had. The course was really beautiful and very interesting. You have a really unique marathon there."
   Bill Whipp, Cincinnati OH

"A great race. This is now officially my favorite course. Beautiful course, great weather, and great support. I'm very glad I was there. I will definitely be back."
   Bob Ring, Harrisonburg VA

"As usual a great race. Well organized, great weather, great group of workers... what more can you ask for? It feels like you put this on just for me."
   Jerry Anderson, Greeneville TN

"Thanks for another great race in 2004. All of your volunteers provided great support."
   Michael Stowe, Blacksburg VA

"Another fantastic marathon experience. The volunteers at the water tables and turnarounds are most enthusiastic and friendly. The course is one of the most scenic I have ever run."
   William Catron, Fredericksburg VA


"One of the prettiest courses I've ever run. Beautiful scenery, friendly people (and cows!). Very well organized. Hats off for a job well done."
    Deborah McGee, Fredericksburg VA

"Gorgeous course, enthusiastic spectators, and an amazing group of volunteers ... consistently good aid stations and a bounty of post race snacks...for an unbeatable price!"
    R. K. from Kentucky

"Great race, one of the best I've ever run. They get all the details right. The course is excellent, and surprisingly challenging. Very scenic. The wooden trestles (bridges) were a lot of fun. The paperweight instead of a t-shirt is a terrific idea. And $10 entry fee? It's a better race than 90% of the marathons that cost $75 or more! This is a race made for runners, not for those looking for a fireworks show or rock bands or Disney characters in costume (blech)."
    Tom B. from Baltimore MD

"The Virginia Creeper Trail is a beautiful place to run and great place for spectators. Well organized, the volunteers are very friendly, and the home baked goodies at the finish were great. The late checkout at the host motel is a nice feature. Advertised as low frills, but the hospitality, the paperweight with race logo, and the course make it a first class marathon."
    G. F. from Raleigh NC

"Great for a first time marathoner. The soft trail is easy on the joints, the volunteers are a never-ending pool of support, and the other runners are so encouraging to one another! I'm ready to sign up for next year's event now!"
    J. B. from Houston TX

"Some of the nicest runners and organizers you will ever meet, great course support, beautiful scenery, a ridiculously low entry fee, and last but certainly not least, an amazing assortment of homemade baked goodies at the finish line. How can you NOT run this one?"
   M.W., Cary NC



"I really enjoyed the marathon (snow too!!). This will be one I will remember. It was nice to get away from the traffic and the trail is beautiful."
    Lynn Burnett, Livingston TN

"You have a real nice race. Extra special thanks to those aid station folks and helpers on a day like that!"
    John Simonsen, Johnson City TN

"What a nice event! I have not had this much fun since I ran cross country in high school (a very long time ago). My compliments to everyone who had a part in making this such a terrific success."
    Frank Weider, Union KY

"Thanks to you and your crew for all of your hard work to pull off the 2003 VCM under trying circumstances. It was by far the toughest -- and slowest -- of the four marathons I've completed, but also the most memorable."
    Michael Stowe, Blacksburg VA

"Thank you again for a fabulous first marathon! I will definitely do this again. Thanks for a GREAT RACE DAY."
    Cher Eaves, Powderly KY

"Even though the weather was lousy it was still a great race. Your support staff were really great to stand out in the weather at the various aid stations. I am sure all the runners would join me in thanking you and all your staff for a well run race." 
    Chet Rogers, Pittsboro NC

"I really enjoyed the marathon. As predicted, the course was beautiful (I'd like to see the green version some time), and the people were friendly. I'm really glad I did the long drive to get there. Please thank all the great volunteers."
    Karen Mitchell, York PA

"It was a great run. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Thanks to all the volunteers for their support. The course was great."
    Byrd Watts, Marion NC

"Truly a great race ... well, it wasn't a great race as I was running the last of it or at the end, but now, two days later, it was great."
    Jerry Anderson, Greeneville TN

"You and your crew put on an excellent event. I'll bet you're going to have to turn away more and more in coming years as people learn about the Creeper."
    Chuck Bryant, Miami FL

"A fantastic race experience. Your volunteers were very gracious and helpful and the support on the course wonderful. Your course was beautiful, just like all the comments I'd read. A feast for the eyes and ears and soft on the feet. All in all, an experience which was satisfying for the body, mind and soul."
    Emmanuel Sideris, Pittsburgh PA

"Despite the unusual weather, the wife and I had a great time and will have fond memories of everything that happened Sunday. The volunteers out on the trail were wonderful to the participants as well."
    Greg Enloe, Asheville NC

"This marathon is such a personal, friendly and fun event. Thank you for arranging such glorious snow. I especially enjoyed watching the group of deer running through the snow. The scenery was incredible! Thank you to all the staff who helped make this marathon possible."
    Bencita Moore, Boone NC

"Appreciate your efforts. Fulfilled one of my wishes: To run a marathon in the snow. It was great. For $10 I feel I cheated you. I ate more fig newtons than that."
    Doug Ferriss, Charlotte NC

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful day. I am hoping to come back next year (maybe better weather) and see if I can run a little faster. It was a nice course with beautiful scenery and the nicest volunteers!"
   Karen Bolton, Salem VA

"Thanks to the State of Franklin Track Club for a great marathon. It was my second slowest time, but not too bad considering the weather."
   Jon Parce, Hendersonville NC

"A scenic course with plenty of aid stations and friendly volunteers. The soft trail was easy on the feet although it was muddy in spots. A great race. I enjoyed the course and Southern hospitality immensely. No hills, cool temps, one happy Yankee."
   Mike Brooks, Danville ME

From --

"I wanted my second marathon to be something memorable and unique. I got that and a lot more. Support was great (thanks for waiting in the cold on us, volunteers!). Beautiful snow scenes, bridges and rivers were just around every bend. It was a visual overload for me and all who braved the weather. Great job by all. All marathons can only hope to be this good."
    Paul Chappin, Statesville NC

"An outstanding marathon! My wife and I chose the VCM as our first marathon and it was perfect! We would do it all over again, even with the inches of snow!! It's true it is a low frills marathon - but you don't need frills when you have the awesome opportunity to run along the beautiful Virginia Creeper Trail. It is truly over the river and through the woods ... except you might have to shoo a cow out of the way."
   Craig Cutforth, Louisville CO


“I do not usually do the same marathon twice but I may make an exception for this one!!! The course was scenic and really great, the aid stations were fantastic and your hospitality was outstanding!!!!”
    Chet Rogers, Pittsboro NC

“The beautiful course was all it was made out to be. The oatmeal cookies after the race were great!!!”
    Channing Roush, Charlotte NC 

“I had a great time and hope to be able to come back next year!”
    Bernie Hall, Asheboro NC

“It felt very peaceful to be connected to such beautiful surroundings.”
    Dorn Kile, Clinton TN

“I am very happy I made the Virginia Creeper Marathon my first marathon! I wanted my first to be memorable and special, and it was. Very friendly, helpful, organized and well managed. Thank you for making this happen at such a beautiful trail."
    Bencita Moore, Boone NC

“It was a wonderful marathon. The course is beautiful, and I plan to come back next year.”
    Greg Walker, Hendersonville NC

“GREAT RACE! This was our 47th marathon in 33 states, and yours is by far one of the most beautiful, well organized, friendly, etc. We can't say enough good things.”
    Geri O’Krepki, Hammond LA

“I really enjoyed the whole day, from the great scenery to a very well organized race. I just wish that other races could be as enjoyable as this one.”
    George (Toby) Nelson, Cos Cob CT

“A uniquely beautiful race course! All the folks involved were extremely friendly and helpful. WHAT A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE! I hope you don't mind if I brag to all my running friends about your race. I have told them my time was slow because I stopped to enjoy all the scenery!”
    William Catron, Fredericksburg VA

“Thanks for making this birthday my best ever! I am finding I don't want to spread the word too much about the beauty and uniqueness of the Creeper because it might bring too many folks there. I will be floating on clouds of euphoria for a long time to come!”
   Katherine McCrea, Nashville TN

“Many thanks for your hospitality and kindness. The run was wonderful, and the people were even better. This was easily one of the most picturesque of the 21 marathons I've run.”
    David Swenson, Des Moines IA

"I enjoyed the race very much. Good scenery, and the trail was easy on my knees."
    Scott Miller, Ravenswood WV

"I had a swell time and did not hurt as badly the day after because of the nice soft trail surface - fun all around!"
    Rebecca Kavage, Blacksburg VA

"What a beautiful course!! A great race. Look for me next year!!"
    Monika Bracken, Castleton VA

From web site --

"This race is a must for the spring race calendar. Volunteers for this race are top-notch."
     Larry Miller, Blacksburg VA

"Wonderful volunteers, friendly town. The course is beautiful. It's very easy to make a nice trip out of this race. Great one to do some winter training for."
    Shannon Police, Stamford CT

"The Creeper Trail has the best scenery I've ever run in for a marathon, or for any race. I enjoyed the low-key atmosphere as compared with most other races. The people were friendly, the race well-run. The beautiful surroundings more than made up for the conditions!"
    Bernie Hall, Asheboro NC

"I have never run a prettier course. Everyone I met was gracious and encouraging; the quality of fans more than made up for the quantity. I fell twice, not because the trail was particularly difficult but because the scenery was so distracting. What a great experience."
      A runner from Lake Jackson TX


"Well organized, well conducted race. I thoroughly enjoyed the surface and the scenery."
       Jerry McKee, Morganton NC

"One of the best courses I have seen."
       Bill Baggett, Asheville NC

"Excellent marathon ... wonderful race."
       John Strand, Orange CA

"It was only my second marathon, and I had a blast."
       Todd Gambill, Wise VA

"Beautiful country and course."
       Doug Ferriss, Davidson NC

"Great marathon. I really enjoyed the trail."
       Jeff Petty, Easley SC

"Couldn’t have asked for a better first marathon. I had so much fun, it encouraged me to do another."
       Christy Eikhoff, Abingdon VA

"Beautiful course, maybe the best I’ve ever been on. I loved those wooden bridges. Great goodies after the race."
       Bob Lehew, Tulsa OK

 From web site

"Most beautiful and flat course around. Very beautiful scenery with many long wooden trestles traversing wide valleys, then cutting thru the steep foothills with excellent flat footing the entire way. ... all in all, a unique experience."
       Jim Braman, Raleigh NC

"A perfect choice for my first marathon. The trail is in good shape and easy on the feet, the scenery is phenomenal and inspiring, and the volunteers exceptional."
       Scott Jordan, Knoxville TN

"Extremely well organized. The volunteers were most helpful and did an outstanding job. The scenery on this course is more beautiful than on any I have run. This marathon is highly recommended."
       A runner from Asheville NC

"I have run this marathon twice. The people are so friendly and helpful. The course is just beautiful."
       Cliff Cartwright, Booneville MS

From web site

"The scenery was breathtaking. A great trail run! A solid "10."
       Peter Birckhead, Houston TX

"I really had a fun time. The organization of the race was very good. I would recommend it to anyone."
       Bob Sweet, Houston TX

"A trail run that showcases the beauty of Virginia. The people were friendly, and it was well-organized for being such a small race. Definitely do it!"
       Mikki Hebl, Houston TX


"A memorable experience. May be the best organized marathon I have ever run."
               George Brown, Richlands VA

"Nice, unique memento. And great homemade baked goods and sandwiches. Wonderful hospitality."
               Taylor Polomis, West St. Paul MN

"The trail was beautiful & the volunteers were very supportive. A great race."
               Paula Weant, Gastonia NC

"A great race! Everything was well organized."
               Ken Monyak, Abingdon VA

"The volunteers did a great job! My first marathon, quite memorable."
               Sudesh Kannan, Hendersonville NC


"A fun event. The course was scenic, and everybody was so nice."
               Janet Krones, Frederick MD

"A good time. The course was beautiful."
               Betty Burrell, Harrison TN

"A superb event. Was delighted with 1) trail/scenery 2) organization 3) support 4) post race goodies and 5) weather. I really can't say enough about how much I enjoyed it. You had a BUNCH of satisfied customers, and goodness they're usually a picky bunch, yes?"
               Mike Weaver, Catawba NC

"Excellent organization, and volunteers were very helpful and encouraging. Attention to every detail. A top-notch event."
               Anne Riddle and Geoff Sidoli, Fairview NC

"The course was great as was the support from all the aid stations. A first class event."
               Graham Zollman, Lexington VA