Virginia Creeper Marathon


We need lots of volunteers to make this event a success! If you can help, please e-mail or call:

Frank Kibler
ph: (423) 292-9980

The primary need will be course monitors and aid station workers (and "shifts" are available if you don't feel you can commit a lengthy part of the day), and perhaps "transportation of 'stuff'." Homemade baked goods, sandwiches, fruit, etc., for post-race are also welcomed. And, for SFTC members, keep in mind that helping with the marathon is good for two SFTC volunteer points! Volunteer points are required for the King & Queen, Prince & Princess, Long Distance Series, and Trail Series competitions, plus the points count as cash towards a variety of SFTC goods and services, and at FootRx in Johnson City. The club would greatly appreciate your help.