SFTC Trail Series Competition

The following races shall be part of the 2012 SFTC Trail Series Competition:
  • Phipps Bend River Run ("PBRR")
  • Laurel Run Ascent 11 miler ("LRA")
  • Run the Tunnel ("RTT")
  • Wolf Run 7 Miler ("WR")
  • Bays Mountain 15 Miler ("BM")
  • Iron Mountain Trail Run* ("IM")
  • Bridge and Trestle Guerilla Run 17 Miler ("B&T")
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* Note: The Iron Mountain Trail Run consists of 16, 30 and 50 mile races. Only the 16 mile race is part of the Trail Series.

Competition Rules:

  • Runners must complete at least 3 of the designated races.
  • Runners must be SFTC members to be part of the competition.
  • Runners must be SFTC members on race day for a particular race to count towards their 2010 Trail Series score.
  • Runners must sign up by sending an email to the Trail Series Coordinator at slnemeth@mindspring.com.
  • Runners must earn at least 5 SFTC Volunteer Points, 4 of which must be earned through volunteer acts at SFTC-owned or hired races.


Each of the Trail Series races will be scored as follows (similar to cross-country type scoring):

(a) Each Trail Series runner will be assigned points for each race corresponding to their position in the race relative to other Trail Series runners. For example, if a runner places 5th overall in the race but is the first SFTC member to finish, then that runner receives 1 point. If another Trail Series runner finishes 8th overall and is the second SFTC member to finish, then that runner receives 2 points.

(b) A runner's Trail Series score will be the sum of their points for their top three races.

(c) The runner with the lowest score wins.


Awards will be given at the SFTC annual banquet as follows:

(i) Top 3, male and female

(ii) Top masters (40 - 49), male and female

(iii) Top grandmasters (50 and over), male and female

(iv) The overall male and female winners shall receive $50 gift certificates to Foot Rx JC (courtesy of Foot Rx JC).

Any questions? Contact the Trail Series Competition Scorekeeper.