SFTC Fitness Walking Series

In support of SFTC’s commitment to promote walking for physical fitness, good health, and sport, we are pleased to announce the SFTC Fitness Walking Series. The Fitness Walking Series is not a competition but is a recognition of walkers who complete the required number of mile races in the area.

2022 Current Standings |2021 Final Standings | 2020 Final Standings


To be eligible for the Fitness Walking Series, you must:

*For 2022, one wildcard race may be substituted. A wildcard race must be completed on or before the date of the Pioneer 5 Miler. Please note that a virtual race will not count as a wildcard race.

2021 Mile Races

  • *New for 2021: Due to the pandemic and the uncertainty of our race calendar, you can choose any four races (any distances you want) that are open for public participation to count toward completion of the Series. Details of completed races will be gathered on a monthly basis as described below in the Fitness Walker of the Year Competition section.
  • Awards

    All persons meeting the above criteria will each receive a special award at the annual SFTC Awards Banquet.

    Fitness Walker of the Year Competition

    Throughout the year, the Fitness Walking Series Manager will maintain a chart showing the total monthly mileage each Series participant walked for personal fitness. Each month, the Series Manager will contact each participant for their monthly total. These totals must be actual, intentional walking miles, not total number of steps converted to miles. The participant with the most miles logged at the end of the season will be named the Fitness Walker of the Year and be presented an award SFTC Annual Awards Banquet. In the case of a tie, multiple awards will be given.