SFTC Equipment: Small Clock Instructions

Small Clock Overview:

Small Clock photo click to enlarge

The small clocks cost approx. $1000 to replace. These clocks are handy for races of various sizes. About the size of a violin case, they are very easy to handle and transport. They are also simple to start and stop. But they are not easy to synchronize with another clock. The small clock package includes the clock, a stand, and a charging unit/cable.

The small clocks have a couple of buttons and a switch on the back for controlling the clock.


The clock’s rechargeable battery should be charged until only 1 light shows on the charging unit. If 2 lights are lit, that means that the battery is still charging. A full charge may take up to 6 hours.

The clock stand should be placed on a level and stable surface. Using the recessed hole on the bottom of the clock, place the clock on the stand.

Starting the clock:

The small clock starts timing when you turn the unit on. The clock can be manually synched with your timers after the race starts, but it is quite difficult. Your best bet is to start the small clock at the same time as the official timers at the start of the race.

Turn the clock switch to OFF when finished.

Small Clock Users Manual (pdf file)