SFTC Equipment:
Seiko Timer

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Timer Overview:

The Seiko timers cost approx. $400 each to replace. They're handy to use for timing small to medium events. However they cannot download to a computer. Each Seiko timer requires 4 AA batteries, an internal lithium clock battery, plus thermal paper loaded with the correct side facing up.

The LCD timing portion of the unit is always powered on and active. There is no “off” setting for the timing portion. If the display is completely blank then the internal lithium clock battery is dead and must be replaced. Replacing the lithium battery is not a simple task and should only be done by the equipment manager.

The printer portion at the top of the unit has an on/off switch in the upper right corner. The 4 AA batteries power the printer function. The paper feed button is on the upper left corner.


Slide the back cover off and load 4 AA batteries into the timer, paying attention to the markings for the +positive and -negative direction of each battery. Load sufficient paper into the paper feeder/hopper. A rough estimate is that 100 finishers can be printed on about 18 inches of paper (approx. the length from your fingertip to your elbow). Verify that the correct side of the thermal paper is facing up by turning the printer on. It should print out a few introductory lines with a timestamp or zeros. If you hear printing but nothing prints on the paper, take the paper out and re-feed it into the slot with the other side up. Use the paper feed button to advance the paper. Turn the printer off/on again to verify that it's printing OK.


To time a race, be sure that the printer portion is ON and that the timing portion has been reset to zero. Also be sure that the switches on the left & right sides of the timer are set to their downward position.

Hit the black Start/Stop button to start the race. Hit the red Lap/Reset button as each finisher crosses. The printer will print each time as they cross. After the last finisher, hit the black Start/Stop button to stop the timer. Hit the red Lap/Reset button to zero out again.

Turn the printer portion to OFF and remove 4-AA batteries before storing.