SFTC Competitions

SFTC organizes a number of annual races series' and competitions. These series' and competitions are designed to encourage runners to to come out and participate in more events, for fitness and camaraderie, to compete against the clock for personal improvement and / or to test themselves against other track club members. Each series and competition requires membership of SFTC to participate, apart from Kids Festival of Miles. In addition to club membership, there is a volunteering requirement - to qualify, each member must earn at least 5 service volunteer points which are applicable to all of the SFTC competitions. Series' and competition awards are given out at SFTC's annual banquet, some of which now include prize money.

King and Queen Competition

The King and Queen Competition, or simply "K&Q", consists 30+ races in across the TriCities region. Although some people have been known to run all of the races in the competition, to qualify for the competition each participant must run at least six races where the sum of the race distances for those six races is at least 25 miles. The race times are then adjusted to make each result equivalent to running a 10K no matter what the actual race distance was and then age-graded. The age-grading process allows both males and females of all ages to compete on the same level. K&Q began in 1980 and is the oldest of the SFTC series!

Mr. & Mrs. Mileage

The male and female SFTC members that run the most K&Q race miles are presented with the Mr. & Mrs. Mileage Awards at the SFTC Annual Banquet.

Long Distance Series

A special award is presented to every qualifier of the Long Distance Series. The LDS series is not a competition but a way to recognize participation in at least five races of ten miles or longer, four of which must be from a specified list of local events.

Trail Series

Challenging trail races of varying distances form the basis of the SFTC Trail Series. Scoring is based on finish place relative to other SFTC members in a race rather than time. Runners must run at least four of the seven races to qualify for the series.

Kids Festival of Miles

This competition is geared toward runners 14 and under. As with the other competitions, the Kids Festival of Miles is a season-long series of races, each of one mile length. Each runner has to run at least 4 of these KFOM races to qualify for the awards. Runners are scored by age group, taking the best 4 times of the season.

(Adult) Miles Series

The (Adult) Mile Series is for less young runners of at least 15 years and above; there is no upper age limit to participate in this competition. Some of the mile races are on the road throughout the year, the others are on the track as part of the SFTC Summer Track Meets. All of them are flat and fast! Members must run 4 of the races in the series to qualify for the competition.

Prince & Princess

The Prince & Princess series is for runners 14 years or under; all of the races are 5K's from the K&Q series. Runners must complete 5 of the designated races and earn at least 1 service volunteer point to qualify.