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2000 Wineglass Marathon
(all pics courtesy of an anonymous contributor)

This is a story of a man who ran a race.
A very LONG and challenging race.
But he lived to tell his story.

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The story begins in the New York wine country.

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To run a LONG race, you need the support of friends and loved ones!

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Ok, WHO skipped the clock forward by 3 hours?

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Exhausted, our hero reclines on good Mother Earth...

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While his support group wonders: Is he still alive?

For the record, SFTC's own Dave Rogers (above photo, lower left) finished 10th overall and 1st in 40-44 with a time of 2:58:50, while Taylor Polomis (center) of Richfield, MN finished 33rd overall in 3:11:07. Both had eaten, showered, and waxed the car by the time this picture was taken, minutes after our intrepid hero completed his journey.

For history's sake, Frank ran this race after suffering a bad calf injury 2 weeks before raceday. Being the real trooper, he insisted on giving it a shot anyway and somehow managed to finish the race with a new personal worst (by nearly 45 mins!).