SFTC Pictures

SFTC Awards/Christmas Banquet
Dec. 1st, 2001

(photos courtesy of Ernie Dickson)

King and Queen of the road winners:
Charles Gray and Harriet Locke



Santa delivers a present to Susi Chandler


King & Queen qualifiers


Has Oscar Wagner been a good boy?


SFTC Long Distance Series winners


Natalie Whitlock vogues with Santa


The "Kids Festival of Miles" age group winners


The SFTC players take a bow


Emma and Philip Studholme
tell Santa what they want this year

Bob Townsend strikes a deal


Rob Schoborg doing his best "Wise Men" imitation


Santa hams it up with Stephen Armstrong


Award Winners:
Hank Brown - Race of the Year (Crazy8)
Natalie Whitlock - Most Improved Female
Sam Culbertson - Most Improved Male
Ruth Ketron - Racewalker of the Year


Wendy Weidner gets a big hug from St. Nick