SFTC Pictures

Louise Mandrell 5K
Pigeon Forge, TN
Jul. 26th, 2003

Sam Culbertson, Tony Borghetti, and Marc Borghetti guard the finish line


Sandra Vance, Barbara Taylor, and Ruth Ketron smile for the SFTC camera


These guys look hungry!
Tony Borghetti, Marc Borghetti, Sam Culbertson, Dan Richardson, Bill Dickerson


Copeland Hicks, Janice Hicks, Judy Campbell and Bobby Campbell
have it made in the shade


Jerry Hensley, Terry Campbell and David Bacon are "FINISH"ed


1st Row L-R: Tony Borghetti, Hugh Riddell
2nd: Marvin Dial, Janice Hicks, Judy Campbell, Sam Culbertson
3rd: Copeland Hicks, Bobby Campbell, D.T. Jeter, Phil Roberts
4th: Dan Richardson, Bob Townsend
5th: Claude Shelton, Bill Dickerson, Charles Gray


Ralph Overholt, Steve Pastorek, David Sullivan, Allison Pastorek, and Libby Overholt


Ken and Carol Byrd enjoy the fine dining