2009 Dash for the Cure

10/25/09 - Kingsport, TN

There was a misunderstanding between SFTC and the race organizers for this year's Dash for the Cure. SFTC thought that the Dash for the Cure was a 2009 KFOM race. The race organizers did not realize that the race was part of this year's KFOM. Subsequently, the race was not timed by the race organizers.

For those kids that ran the race, per the entry list provided by the race organizers to SFTC, and ran at least one other KFOM race, a Dash for the Cure race time has been calculated as the average time of all other KFOM races run. These calculated results are posted on the 2009 KFOM Latest Standings page. So, for example, Eden Chapman ran the following KFOM races this year:

Kingsport Track Meet Mile in 8:23
Duck Island Summer Mile in 7:35
Duck Island Fall Mile in 7:01
Santa Special Open Mile in 7:18

Eden's name appears on the Dash for the Cure entry list. So, a calculated time of 7:18 for Eden, as the average of the four KFOM race times indicated above, appears on the 2009 KFOM Latest Standings page.

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